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Wedding 09/22/2007

Posted by photosbysuki on September 30, 2007

Teok and I shot the wedding together at the Surrey House in McKinney. It was a small but heart warming outdoor wedding. Things didn’t go as well as the bride had planned. The ceremony started late because the DJ did not show up on time. The song did not play properly when the couple were ready to walk up th e aisle. The guest did not get the chance to sing the song she had prepared for the couple.

But the bride did not make a big deal out of it. She cared about her guests and their comfort more than getting a “perfect wedding”. Instead of having the guests waited in the 90F temperature while the DJ was trying to fix the technical problem. The bride and her new husband walked up the aisle with an “infectious” smile on their faces, while the guests were humming some “unidentified” tune.
That was the most beautiful moment I have ever witnessed.


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