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Posted by photosbysuki on August 31, 2007

I’ve always believed in “chemistry”. Sure, I would love to sign all the clients that I have met. I would love to be as financially well off as possible. But there is something much more important than money.When I meet with potential clients, I need to make sure we “click”. I do not want to obligate anyone if they do not feel comfortable with me. At the same time, I will avoid signing clients if I don’t feel I am the right fit with them.Let’s face it. It is the biggest day of their lives. If the “chemistry” doesn’t exist between me, the photographer and the clients, they would not be able to enjoy the day. They could not give their best in front of the camera because of discomfort of the person who is behind it. Like wise, if I can not feel the “click” , I am sure I would not be able to produce quality work.
So, for all of you who are looking for a wedding photographer for your big day. Think carefully, if you cannot feel the CLICK, it may not work out for you.


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